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Your Essential Guide to Clifden Connemara

Things to do in Clifden? You might have to take a little time to choose from the huge range of location options, but choosing to base yourself in Clifden – the largest town in the region – is a great start!

Our pick of the top attractions will give you a whistlestop tour, leaving nothing to do but pick where to start your adventure…

Take the Sky Road!

Ask visitors for a highlight of their visit to Clifden and you’ll hear the same answer again and again: the area is already part of the stunning Wild Atlantic Way but the Sky Road certainly adds an extra ‘something’ through its 11km of rugged views and ever-changing sights.

The circular route, with a popular upper section giving unforgettable open views, is clearly signposted from Clifden town and heads West to the Kingstown Peninsula then back along the N59.

A lower section, dipping towards the sea, gives a closer look at the sights of the area while that upper road will have the Atlantic Ocean and coastline of the surrounding counties stretching into the horizon.

Breathtaking Biking, Incredible History

Two Wheels Good…

Ditching your car gives a whole new take on the Clifden area thanks to the local ‘Cycle Hub’ of four stunning routes with distances to suit your appetite for time in the saddle!

You’ll find, of course, the Sky Road Loop (and what better way to see it) and a chance to take in those views of the Atlantic, the local islands and even the ruins of Clifden Castle.

The remaining routes include the 14km Errislannan Loop, with its view above Clifden Bay and tour of the rocky landscape, and the longer Cleggan Loop at 33km.

This route passes Omey Island – you can even walk out when the tide is out – and boasts a mountain road through a forest area to even more variety to a superb adventure.

The longest route, at 40km, would take around 3 hours as it takes in an especially rich selection of local sights: the wild expanse of bogland, the old Marconi transatlantic station, one of the oldest fishing villages in Ireland (Roundstone) and spectacular beaches.

If you have a chance to pick your best any of these routes, frankly we’ll be a little jealous but please do enjoy every minute.

Explore Clifden Castle

This ruined – and very beautiful – manor house was build around 1818 in the ‘Gothic Revival’ style.

Be sure to read up on the history of this imposing castle, which takes in famine, local protests, bankruptcy and much more, to appreciate the living history to be found and savoured.

You’ll have a chance to take in parts of the ruins including the towers and gateway, the enclosed farmyard and even a D’Arcy family children’s graveyard dating right back to the 1800s.

Who were the D’Arcy family? Their name is well-known locally thanks to ‘John D’Arcy’ who is credited with no less than building up the town of Clifden.

Bring even more History to Life

Staying with amazing tales from the past, you won’t want to visit Clifden and not take in a very significant spot: Clifden’s Marconi Station, selected by Marconi himself as a wireless communication (not the wifi kind!) station relaying signals to Glace Bay in Nova Scotia.

A rich history, including its spell as an imposing and important commercial signaling station, includes an attach and damage to buildings in 1922.

A fascinating walking tour has been created, allowing you to soak in the wild and rolling sights while learning more about this incredible time in Irish, even worldwide, history.

Don’t forget to plan for the Irish weather!

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Fine Whiskey and Horseback Adventures!

Have a Well-Earned Pint!

With Clifden boasting such a focus on stretching your legs ourdoors and exercising your grey matter through its depth of history, you’ll be glad to hear there are plenty of ways to rest your legs and tempt your tastebuds!

For example, the award-winning Lowry’s Bar has everything you could ask for: fresh food, great music and a friendly welcome.

Oh, and our top recommendation? Taking your pick of 100 Irish (when in Rome!), Scotch and world whiskeys .

A Horseback View

The highly-rated Point Equestrian Centre invites riders of all abilities, from experienced to beginners, to soak in sights such as mountain views of the ‘four Bens’, the famous Connemara Championship Golf Links and take to dazzling beaches.

One hour beginner treks are suitable for children over 6 while two hour treks include even more of the coastline and tidal islands.

Longer treks are available on request, some European languages are spoken

Featured Properties in Clifden Connemara and County Galway