Things to do in County Cork

We might have found it tricky to chose our favourites, but after some debate we’ve drawn up a great starter guide to this stunning County.

From buildings steeped in history to the beauty of Cork city, there’s a world of options to explore in County Cork.

Let’s take a closer look…

County Cork’s Famous Blarney Stone

Few people travel any distance to County Cork without a visit to see the famous Blarney Stone.

Of course, there’s more to Blarney Castle than the famous Stone. You’ll find the Blarney Castle gardens – with views of 60 acres of parklands and an ever-changing canvas of colour – the mystical Rock Close walk, and the small matter of the magnificent Blarney Castle itself!

There’s a lot more to explore than the Stone. Enjoy!

Fota Island Wildlife Park

You’ll Be Wild About Fota Wildlife Park

Walk among animals from all around the world in 100 acres of County Cork at its most stunning….what’s not to like?!

Just 10km east of Cork City you’ll find a top-class attraction where they welcome around 440,000 visitors per year to proudly show off their inspiring centre of conversation, education research and entertainment.

A superb Fota Wildlife Park website is ideal for planning your visit.

The Best of Cork City

An Immersive Gaol Experience

One glance at the majesty and sheer scale of Cork City Gaol and it will have you in its spell for the duration.

A truly spectacular attraction, the attention to detail you’ll find – and the immersive depth of the experience – is simply world-class and, most of all, a must-see.

For those with an eye for an adventure, the Gaol’s special night tours could well make for an unforgettable holiday highlight.

A Cork City Market Essential

People in Cork are proud of their English Market – and you’ll soon see why!

The English Market (Scottish visitors will be amused to find its name in Irish…An Margadh Sasanach) is a top class covered market sites sited in a beautiful building with a rich history.

Described by Rick Stein as “the best covered market in the UK and Ireland” and its Farmgate Cafe recommended as an “unexpected treasure” by the great AA Gill, you’ll find your visit to be a treat.

Making The Most of County Cork

Experience County Cork Island Life

Your visit to County Cork means a chance to visit an island with a big difference!

Spike Island boasts a magnificent 18th century ‘star’ fort with a history including use for defence and as a prison. The island itself was a monastic settlement, meaning the dramatic history of the attraction is as a timeless as it is rich and fascination.

As a prison, where convicts would be housed prior to penal transportation, the building gained a reputation as ‘Ireland’s Alcatraz’.

Today, tours are available to visit the restored defence guns, a prison block and even a recreation of a transportation ship hull.

Stay in Style in County Cork

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That’s why visitors love a true ‘home from home’ experience by way of highly-rated holiday homes in handpicked locations. This way, you can take in County Cork your way…with a place to call your own between attractions!

Beach horse riding

Taking Time Out in County Cork

A Park Walk by the River Lee

With so much to see and do in County Cork, a beautiful park stroll by the famous River Lee could be just the place to plan your next experience!

Fitzgerald Park is a fairly short walk from Cork City Centre and gives you access to a playpark for children as well as stunning walks with views of Cork City buildings dating back to the 1700s to 1800s.

A Historic County Cork Town

The historic County Cork port and fishing town of Kilsale is a popular destination thanks to the watersports, golf, fishing and more to be found there. A marina, art galleries and a number of historic buildings are all close to hand.

Our tip? Watch out for an annual Gourmet Festival and pottery classes (see ‘featured events’ here) to make your visit a truly hands on treat for the senses!